GIS-MO (Getting Information Simply - Mapping Online)

Parking in Dudley

From here you can view interactive mapping showing

  • Off-street car parks run by Dudley Council
  • On-street parking, stopping and waiting restrictions

with links to information such as car park tariffs and limited waiting restriction times.
Only those car parks owned and managed by Dudley Council are shown.

Further information about the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), under which car parks and parking restrictions are defined, can be found on our traffic regulation orders page.

Terms and Conditions

This site uses GIS-MO (Getting Information Simply – Mapping Online), which is an interactive geographical information system which allows you to view and inspect map-based information for the Dudley area. Tools are provided to allow you to zoom and pan around the map, and ‘point and click’ to view information about features on the map.

The application should work with most recent browser versions, including:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v7 and later (but not v6)
  • Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Opera (with limited functionality)
You will need JavaScript and pop-ups enabled. Some browser/operating system combinations may hide point-and-click info pop-ups behind the map window.

If you experience any problems with the application, please contact us via one of the channels below and provide details of the browser, version and operating system as well as the nature of the problem.

To use GIS-MO, you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions of use.

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